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  • MNP_Jason

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    A Digital Gift Card system where the holders of the Token create new Tokens to be used on Affiliated Sites!

    Gift Card System
    Holding your GiftCard balance Of MasterNodes.Pro & Affiliated Sites has never been simple. Without having to pay fees for holding it forever.

    Available Use
    Day 1 launch you can use the coin on our affiliate site.

    Knowledgeable Team
    We have been in the Masternode industry for over 2 years. And work with many of the top MasterNode coins.

    Coin Specification

    Algo: Quark
    Block Time: 60 Seconds
    Difficulty Retargeting: Every Block
    Max Coin Supply (PoW Phase): 7,990
    Max Coin Supply (PoS Phase): Infinite
    Premine in block 1-10: 3,000,000 MNP
    Genesis Block: GMT Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 2:00 AM

    Premine: 3,000,000 MNP ( 1,000,000 MNP Presale on WavesDex, 1,500,000 MNP avalible now @ MNPMorph System, 500,000 MNP for Bounties)

    Reward Distribution

    Block Height: 1 - 10
    Reward Amount: 3,000,000 MNP
    Notes: Initial Premine
    Duration (Days): 0 Days

    PoW Phase:
    Block Height: 11 - 8000
    Reward Amount: 7,990 MNP
    Notes: Open Mining
    Duration (Days): Approx 5 Days

    PoS Phase:
    Block Height: 8000-Infinite
    Reward Amount: Masternodes 60% MNP / Staking 40% MNP

    MasterNode Specification:
    Coins Required: 10,000 MNP
    Reward Percentage: 60%

    Block Explorer
    Block Explorer

    Affiliate Sites

    MNPCoin Hosting Service

    MNPCoin Hosting Service :
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Masternode Guide: Windows + Vultr VPS Server

    Staking Coins

    To stake your need to edit the MNPCoin.conf

    Do this from inside the wallet: Tools > Open wallet configuration file

    Add: staking=1

    Close wallet and open again, and now coins will stake after 3 hours.
    If you plan to setup a masternode, don’t enable beforehand.



    Windows 32
    Windows 64
    Linux 64

    alt text

    Android/IOS Mobile Wallet:
    A simple to use Android/IOS Mobile Wallet For users to transfer MNP to each other
    Bounty: 5000 MNP


    MNPCoin is now listed on Blockfolio
    MNPMorph System
    MNPCoin on Stocks.Exchange
    MNPCOIN (MNP) Stats Live

    Social Media


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  • MNP_Jaime

    Bitcoin has taken us on a roller coaster ride over the last 12 months. We have experienced extreme peaks in price, and are currently near the lows ☹ many including myself speculated that BTC would lose its marketcap dominance to Ethereum by now, but BTC has held on strong to being the ultimate crypto trading pair.

    The same way many looked at 2016 prices back in 2017 and thought “darn, if only i would have purchased back in 2016”…I believe we will see the same sentiment in 2019; with many thinking “darn, i wish I would have pulled the trigger and bought in 2018”.

    My sentiment is BTFD! buying great projects now will pay off later. good luck!

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  • MNP_Jaime

    Thinking of investing in a masternode ? If so, choose wisely and do your due diligence, has made finding the right masternode to fit your investment style super easy. Feel free to check out the very first masternode analytical website at we also have a discord and telegram channel where you can join and share ideas with other community members; as well as a Twitter account with all the latest news and coins being added to

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  • MNP_Jaime

    Which Gen 3.0 Blockchains are you all most excited about ? Feel free to add to this list:

    1. Dfinity - this IT Stack model has game changer written all over it.
    2. RChain - They will be what Ethereum wants to become.
    3. Ontology - part of the Neo Onchain infrastructure
    4. EOS - marketcap is a bit on the high side for me currently and they have had some notable stumbles out of the gate.

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